Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DJ Dave Pineda's The Best Mike Francis Medley

Michael Francesco Puccioni (April 26, 1961 – January 30, 2009), better known under his stage name Mike Francis, was an Italian singer and composer, best known for his 1982 disco hit "Survivor". He was born in Florence.

Mike Francis formed his first band at age 14 with schoolmates from l'Istituto di Studi Americano in Rome. He had his first hit with "Survivor" in 1982 and went on to record ten studio albums.

Francis died aged 47 on January 30, 2009 of lung cancer in Rome.[1]

His last compilation album "The very best of Mike Francis (All was missing)" was released just days before his death.

As part of the month long celebration of the first year anniversary of this blog, I present to all of you the best Mike Francis medley compilation of all his earlier albums up to until 1991. Early last year I made another compilation similar to this but this the most complete and if not the best of them all.

I used all the original italian vinyl pressings in making this compilation. The original mix was recorded, enhanced with DBX processors and digitally mastered in 44.1 khz, 16 bit, 1411 kbps format.



DBX Enhanced Digital Stereo 44.1 khz, 320 kbps, 197 mb, 1:26:10

01.Don't Rock My Soul
02.Dusty Road
03.On And On
04.Body Thrill (Maurizio Montanesi Remix)
05.Don't Start Giving Up
06.Livin' It Up (Extended Remix)
07.Let Me In (Original & Marco Trani Remix)
08.Friends (Extended Version & Maurizio Montanesi Remix) Performed by Amii Stewart
09.Gotta Have You Back (Performed By Amii Stewart)
10.Lovely Day
11.Features Of Love (Marco Trani & Peter Micioni Remix)
12.Iron It Out (Mike Francis & Marco Trani Remix)
13.Suddenly Back To Me (Extended Version)
14.Message In The Eyes
15.Dreams Of A Lifetime (Mario Flored Remix)
16.Together Again (Marco Trani Remix)
17.Survivor (Dave Pineda Recombination Mix)
18.Times Out Of Time (Mario Flored Extended Version)

To Listen Or DL:

ZShare:DJ Dave Pineda_s The Best Mike Francis Medley Mix.mp3


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