Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bossa Nova Mix 1

Here is another special treat for this month. This time it is a bossa nova & nu jazz compilation. Some tracks by Eumir Deodato and Walter Wanderley.

I made this compilation at the request of some followers of this blog.

Mixed and recorded on the fly. Enjoy!


Digital Stereo 44.1 khz, 320 kbps, 139 mb, 1:01:03

01.Deodato - Ainda Mas Lindo
02.Matt Bianco - Matt's Chill
03.Pochill - Porque
04.Deodato - Even More Beautiful
05.Walter Wanderley - Beloved Melancholy
06.HotelBossaNova - Cancao De Meia Noite
07.Leo Sidran - Walking On Sunshine
08.Tim Love Lee - First Base Bossa
09.Deodato - Amor De Nada
10.Deodato - Capoeara
11.Matt Bianco - The Way I Like It
12.Walter Wanderley - Merino Das Laranjas
13.Deodato - Carnival Triste
14.Mocca - Flotter Tag
15.Deodato - Menina Certinha
16.Walter Wanderley - Samba De Verao
17.Spiral System - Different Light
18.Walter Wanderley - Cried Cried
19.Deodato - Baiaozinho
20.Deodato - Ariana
21.Deodato - Cesteiro Que Faz Um Cesto
22.Deodato - Muito A Vontade
23.Matt Bianco - Don't Look Back

To Listen or DL:
DJ Dave Pineda Bossa Nova Mix 1.mp3

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