Thursday, September 17, 2009


M&HM is going into the vault. What have we picked out this time? An amazing trippy tune from Hungarian Super DJ: Corvin Dalek.

Born in Budapest he was one of the first people to throw a successful All Techno party in EASTERN EUROPE!!! After moving to Germany he was introduced to a new sound starting to roll into European Dancefloors in the late 90's Early 2000s. Wet & Hard. So here is the craziest trippiest tunes i've heard in a long time. I dont care if your a stoner, alcoholic, popper, sniffer, or a sober this song is amazing, you ll love it and is a MUST HAVE. Oldie but goodie. Pay Attention to the lyrics. SIIIIICK!!! Enjoy!!!

Corvin Dalek - This is Colombia Marihuana

What a great way to remember to old and good, and to think of the new and amazing.

-Dj Guaro

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