Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Special Disco Tribute Mix For Snooky Potenciano

I made this special disco mix as a tribute to a good friend of mine Candido "Snooky" Potenciano who passed away two years ago. He was a very good down to earth person. He also had a passion for music like I did and he was a DJ as well.

The tracks in this compilation are the songs that reminded me of him when I first met him in a party that he was the DJ and he liked these tracks too.

I know that he has found his peace and I am glad for him.


DBX Enhanced Stereo 44.1 khz, 320 kbps, 190 mb, 1:23:25

01.Lipps Inc. - How Long
02.Foxy - Party Boys
03.Gregg Diamond - Danger
04.Taka Boom - Night Dancin'
05.Chameleon - We'll Be Dancin'
06.Carrie Lucas - Keep Smilin'
07.Frankie Valli - Soul
08.Bonnie Pointer - Heaven Must've Sent Ya
09.Bonnie Pointer - Can't Help Myself
10.Bryan Adams - Let Me Take You Dancing
11.La Flavour - Mandolay
12.Isley Brothers - It's A Disco Night
13.Lipps Inc. - Rock It
14.Cut Glass - Alive With Love
15.Peter Brown - Crank It Up
16.Rosebud - Have A Cigar
17.Watson Beasley - Breakaway
18.Peter Brown - Can't Be Love, Do It To Me Anyway
19.Night Force - Dance
20.Mouzon's Electric Band - Everybody Get Down
21.Lime - Your Love
22.Seventh Avenue - Miami Heatwave
23.Seventh Avenue - From Chicago To The Sky
24.Unyque - Disco Lullaby

To Listen Or DL:
DJ Dave Pineda_s Special Tribute Mix To Snooky Potenciano.mp3

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