Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Best Of Michael Jackson Medley Part 2

This is the second part in a series of mixes that I made. The songs in this compilation are from 1990 to the current ones by Michael Jackson.

I call this mix the club versions mix. Included is the rare dj promotional only vinyl copy of "You Are Not Alone" Remixes by Frankie Knuckles.

Mixed and recorded on the fly with original vinyl and cd's.

DBX Encoded Digital Stereo 256 kbps, 44.1 khz, 146 mb, 1:19:54

01.Black & White (The Clivilles & Cole Club Mix)
02.In The Closet (Club Mix)
03.Remember The Time (Silk Soul Mix)
04.Jam (Silky 12" Mix)
05.Who Is It? (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
06.Rock With You (Masters At Work Mix)
07.You Are Not Alone (Frankie Knuckles Mix)
08.Scream (Classic Club Mix)
09.Ghosts (Mousse T's Club Mix)
10.Dangerous (Roger's Dangerous Club Mix)
11.Blood On The Dancefloor (TM's Switchblade Mix)
12.History (Mark!S Vocal Club Mix)
13.Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (Illicit Vocal Club)
14.Billie Jean (Daft Punk Mix)
15.Thriller (Ultimix)

To Listen Or DL:
DJ Dave Pineda The Best Of Michael Jackson Medley Part 2.mp3

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