Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Night Lights

So here we have an awesome vid of the two of my idols mixin one of my favorite mixes of Leave The World Behind @ Exit Festival 09 in Serbia. Alot of hot girls in Serbia. lol. The point is another duo is hopefully playing in Boca Raton on thursday night (if the house gods help us out). You guessed it. Myself and Mr. Miojo are gunna be mixing together just like the two above at a SCOOP Boca. So wish us luck and hope to see you there. All promotions aside here is LA MUSICA. One is new and the other two are yes kinda new but have been out for a lil while but I LOVE THEM so deal with it. LOL j/k they are still awesome and BOMBALIOUS DEF.

Muzzaik - Going Underground (Original Mix)
<--- New and awesome

Kid Kaio & Moradzo - Aranha (Original Mix)

Dj Hell - My Definition Of House Music (Renaissance Man Bootcut) <---- The Biggest Atomic Bomb of your life

Peace & Love
-Dj Guaro

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