Friday, July 24, 2009

More movie news that MATTERS

Of course, COMIC-CON is going on right now and with it comes a shitload of news and trailers about upcoming cool movies.

- Since embedding was disabled for this trailer (why poster? why?) you're gonna have to click HERE to watch the teaser trailer for one of the coolest movies coming from Disney in a loong time; TRON LEGACY.

- WANTED 2 is a go. The script has been completed and filming is about to start in eight weeks. Everyone is supposed to reprise their roles but if i recall SPOILER ALERT Angelina's character dies in the movie so we have to wait and see what happens END OF SPOILER.

- Here's the new teaser trailer for SAW VI. Yes, i said SAW VI.

- I don't know what to say about this one but here we go. HOT TUB TIME MACHINE features John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Clark Duke and Craig Robinson as four friends that travel back to 1986 when they go in the hot tub. Here's the trailer:

- Denzel Washington's next movie; THE BOOK OF ELI will be pretty sick. Why? Because it features Washington back in shape kicking post-apocaliptic ass with Mila Kunis by his side. Oh, and here is its trailer:

- There is a sequel (or prequel) coming for 300. Zack Snyder is back to direct and Frank Miller has finished penning down the first draft for the graphic novel. Just don't expect it to hit theaters anytime soon, though.

- YES! Fuck pirates, NINJAS ARE BACK! And i can prove it to you with the awesome trailer for the movie with the most gangsta title ever: NINJA ASSASSIN.

Ninja Assassin comes out this fall.

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