Friday, September 4, 2009

C-Box Tunage !!!!

OK peeps its Friday again so i thought i would drop some of the excellent Old School stuff you top top guys have taken the time to share !!! I myself haven't had much time to post any of my own stuff or main page any of your C-Box stuff lately but am sure you all understand there will be weeks from time to time when myself or/and the other members of O.S.H.M.1990-2000 are to busy with work or personal commitments to contribute we really do appreciate you guys in the C-Box keeping the blog moving and carrying on the interaction,it is your love of the Music and nice comment and support that makes it all worth while thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Magic - Freedom (On And On Strong Vocal Mix)

The Shamen-Move Any Mountain(Axis shift Unknown Pleasure Dub)

Lionrock - Packet of Peace (Original Mix) 1990

Rhythm Eclipse - Feel It In The Air 1993

Reef Love Tribe-Place Your Hands And Stand Up

Ruffcut - Talk About

D-Lay - Speen go

DJ Rene-Music All Over The World(Two Mixes)

Orbital-The Girl With Sun In Her Head

Apex Twins-We Are The Music Makers

Cathy Dennis-Touch Me(All Night Long)

Mukka-Blinder(Natural Soul Brothers Remix)

The Shaker -Rats(CMR Remix)

Dj Power-Jump To The Pump

Sound Factory-Good Time (Quality Tune This)

*Many thanx to you all you know who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S More C-Box Tunage 2mo!!!!!!!!!!!!

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