Saturday, December 5, 2009

Vote for Enzo Pineda

Guys and Gals:

I need all of your help. Can you please vote for my nephew Enzo Pineda. He is one of the final 14 finalist for the star search contest StarStruck V, which is held in the Philippines.

Here is a brief background on my nephew.

Name: Enzo Pineda
Nickname: Enzo
Birthday: August 12, 1990
Birth Place: Makati City
Showbiz Anniversary: November 29, 2009

1. He likes watching MTV, UFC, boxing–and America’s Best Dance Crew.
2. Brad Pitt and Dingdong Dantes are good role models for Enzo.
3. He likes listening to “Run This Down” by Jay-Z and Rihanna.
4. On his free time, he does martial arts, work out and play video games!
5. He likes Japanese food.
6. He has 3 hotdog dogs (like Slinky from Toy Story) and a Jack Russel terrier.
7. English is his favorite subject, but he thinks he’s only an average learner.

Vote here: (You can vote every 6 hours)

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