Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eternal Dance Music



DJ: Skymark

Affiliation: Modern Soul Rec.

Country: Spain

Listen / Download

1. Lood Feat Donell Rush "Shout n out"

2. Frank Roger feat. Chris Wonder "be what's your soul"
3. Masters at Work "voice in my mind"
4. Ron Trent "I feel the Rhythm"
5. Kerry Chandler "faithful"
6. Kalk feat. Mandel Turner "in the Spirit"
7. Logic "Blues for you"
8. Voice (white)
9. Kerry Chandler and Arnold Jarvis "inspiration"
10.Carolyn Harding "Pick it up" (Kerry's reprise)
11. King of Late night feat. Billy Love "Illumination" (sound signature remix)

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