Wednesday, December 16, 2009

AAUUUUU!! Charlie bit me! Raiva mode

Randomness it is. Keeping it short and sweet, here's a few tracks that i've been jamming to this past week. Has a little bit of everything from dutch to tech. Happy Holidays!!

great psychedelic melody on the second half

groovy drop, be aware.. this shit is addicting!

after this track, you'll wanna lick it!

starts very techy and goes dutch... good stuff

nice vocals with a funky beat

Joeysuki's tech house side... ah like itt!

instant BOMB!

Jack delivers once again, with ultimate BASS!!!

clever edit, sick flow

turn it up when they tell you to! Great song to jam!

reminds me of "stickin", good kickdrums and vocals, dutch BOMB

One of my own..

I'm jamming, how about you??

Comments are always appreciated,
happy holidays and be safe!

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