Thursday, December 31, 2009

Only You(And a Thank you)

OK party people top tune here with the pick of the bunch definitely being from the amazing Paul Gotel mix .This got big plays @Club 051 in the late ninety's and this and the Talisman version has got to be up there with my many favourite, Check theses out!!!

*I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in this blog since the start.First of all I want to thank our residents , DJ Ste Mcgee offered his services in the first month of O.S.H.M.1990-2000 starting and has since consistently posted top draw tunage and belter Mixes,Then our other Resident Dave who since Joining the team has all ways kept up the very high standards of posts which have come to be expected on O.S.H.M.1990-2000..Thank you both very much....

Then to all the regulars in the C-Box without whom it just wouldn't be worth it,the input,interaction and generosity of all the lads who go through their old record collection and take the time to rip,Upload and then share their great memory's with us all i also thank you!(To many to mention and i dont want to leave anyone out lol)

So here's to a New Year ,hope you have a great night to night and ALL THE BEST see you all next year!!!!!!!!!

Casino-Only You(Paul Gotel's Resurrection Soundscape Remix)

Casino-Only You(Big Dollar Blag Sta-Prest Remix)

Casino-Only You(Que Pasa Midnight Stomp Remix)

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