Tuesday, January 5, 2010

NEW! Hip Hop & RnB Mix 1 & 2 January 2010

Believe it or not I do play Hip Hop & RnB at the clubs too. As I said I play all kinds of dance music. I am one of the few multi-genre DJ's out there.

I made this mix for my nephew, Mark P., who is celebrating his bday on January 10 and he requested this compilation specifically. I also dedicate this mix to my other nephews Paolo and Enzo, my good friend Amy Sy Chan from Singapore, Jackie Pashley, Q aka Double A and to all those who like this kind of music.

Sorry no artists in the tracklist. I do not want the DMCA cops deleting this post of mine.

Mixed and recorded on the fly. Enjoy!


Part 1:

16 Bit Digital Stereo, 44.1 khz, 320 kbps, 137 mb, 00:59:56

01.Mira Mira
02.Unperfect Love
04.Before You Go
05.Boyfriend Number 2
06.Make It Rain
07.Watcha Say
09.The Leak
10.Body Rock
11.Feelin On My A
14.Half Of It
15.Sex In Crazy Places
16.Day N Nite

To Listen Or DL:
ZShare:DJ Dave Pineda Hip Hop _ RnB Mix January 2010.mp3

Rapidshare: DJ_Dave_Pineda_Hip_Hop___RnB_Mix_January_2010.mp3

Part 2:

16 Bit Digital Stereo, 44.1 khz, 320 kbps, 143 mb, 1:02:38

01.Put Some Money On It
02.5 Star Bitch
03.Diddy Bob
05.Knock You Down
06.Smile & Wave
07.Night & Day
09.Rude Boy
12.Be With You
13.Ice Cream Paint Job
14.Dat New
15.Everything, Everyday, Everywhere

To Listen or DL:
ZShare: DJ Dave Pineda Hip Hop _ RnB Mix 2 January 2010.mp3
Rapidshare: DJ_Dave_Pineda_Hip_Hop___RnB_Mix_2_January_2010.mp3

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