Monday, January 18, 2010

Trix & Philly Volumes 1 -9

Drome legends DJ Trix & Philly's (r.i.p)" Volumes" series of tapes were always very popular in the North-West back in the day and thanx to one of our regulars we can all re-live our Old School clubbing days,If you were a Pleasuredrome head or are just a lover of Banging Old School House Music of the tuffer ruffer more techie Hardcore nature then you need these mixes in your life!! Check these out superb !!

DJ Trix Vol1
DJ PhillyVol1

DJ Trix Vol2
DJ PhillyVol2

DJ Trix Vol3
DJ PhillyVol3

DJ Trix Vol4
DJ PhillyVol4

DJ Trix Vol5
DJ PhillyVol5

DJ Trix Vol6
DJ PhillyVol6

DJ Trix Vol7
DJ PhillyVol7

DJ Trix Vol8
DJ PhillyVol8

DJ Trix Vol9
DJ PhillyVol9

*Big thanx to LEEB for taking the time to sort these out for us!

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