Friday, January 22, 2010

2 Dumb Blondes ???

This is a bit of a strange one really because am not 100% sure of the name of this Track because the title and track name on the 12" is in Japanese! If my memory serves me right(Which it usually doesn't) It was called 2 Dumb Blonde's and the Record Label is definitely Holymoly???? Anyway don't let the Japanese or my terrible memory put you off this quite tasty bit of tunage which plods along nicely before exploding into the very popular sample of BombScare by 2 Bad Mice and was championed in the late 90's By Radio City /051/Buzz and State DJ Pez Tellet, Get On This !!!

2 Dumb Blonde's -Side A (Holymoly Records)

2 Dumb Blonde's-Side B (Holymoly Records)

*If anyone knows full name (Or Can translate Japanese lol give us a shout)

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