Sunday, January 31, 2010

Aguardiente Anyone!?!

Hello fellow peeps from around the world, how goes it? Well i'm back once again to hand you my latest creation. It's the latest installment of the ART IN PARADISE series. Now this is my first time mixing in over a one month and I feel like it's best as of yet for me. i guess we all need a lil R&R to make things better. I DONT KNOW, WHATEVER. Also i added a new feature to the TRACK LIST, since i also promised new tracks (some of which I put in the set) i decided to link up all my songs on the list for your downloading convenience. No Thanks required it's just good customer service. So here it is hope you like it. PLEASE COMMENT cuz I know you guys dont, i know your out there!!! Dont make bring back WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS JUST DO IT!!!

Art In Paradise Vol. 6

Track List:

Kassiano & Alexander Technique - Zuzuka loves Riverside (TROPIKILL Edit)

mixed together as well
Diplo & Laidback Luke - Hey! (Sidney Samson Remix)

Diego Palacio - Episode 1 (Original Mix)

Mario Ochoa - Here We Go (Originial Mix)

Bryan Jones - Let It Go (Paul Anthony & Zxx Remix)

Jesse Garcia - Let Me Hear Ya Go (Muzzaik Special Edit) <--- For may Haitian brothas and sistas

Rustler - Around The World (Abel Ramos Versailles With Love Remix)

Dj Ortzy - The Terrace (Robbie Rivera Juicy Mix)

The Rivera Project - The San Juan Attack (Robbie Rivera Mix)
<--- new ish

Steve Angello - Teasing Mister Charlie <---- Oldie But Goodie

Steve Aguirre - Race Off (Mario Ochoa Remix)

Willie Morales & Mr. Eyez - L.O.V.E (Robbie Rivera Juicy Mix) <--- more new ish

Mario Ochoa - Much Better (Original Mix) <--- fav track at the moment!!! BOMB!!!

Diego Palacio - Another Chance (Original Mix)

These tracks weren't on the set but deserve recognition.

The Rivera Project - Tribal King (Robbie Rivera Mix)

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike feat. MoDiDa - Hello Hello (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)

Well I hope you like. Peace Out peeps & REMEMBER TO COMMENT!!!


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