Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Best Of Mike Francis One Year Anniversary Tribute Show Mix recorded live @ Stickam January 30, 2010

I would like to thank those who watched me play live at Stickam. The show was a success with 74 viewers watching it. The show started at 4:00 pm EST and ended at 7:30 EST.

Francesco will always be in our memories forever. We will never forget you!

I recorded both audio and video from this show. When downloading the MP3 file please be patient as it is a very big file 495 mb over 3 1/2 hours long. I uploaded it to 2 file hosting sites for the benefit of all of you.

Mixed and recorded on the fly. Enjoy!


DBX Enhanced 16 Bit Digital Stereo, 44.1 khz, 320 kbps, 496 mb, 3:37:06

01.Josephine (performed with Mystic Diversions)
02.Summer Breeze
03.Let's Get It On (Live in Manila)
05.Dormo Con Te
06.Io Tra Le Braccia
07.Friends (Unplugged Version)
08.Que Date, duet with Laura Serra performed with Mystic Diversions (Dave Pineda Remix)
09.Bossa Emilia
10.That Loving Feeling
11.I Love You, performed with Blank & Jones
12.Someone Like You, performed with Blank & Jones
13.City Lights, performed with Blank & Jones
14.Il Mio Amore Libero Per Te (Harvest For The World)
15.I Love You, duet with Wendy Lewis, performed with Mystic Diversions (Dave Pineda Remix)
16.Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight Ft. Dee Lewis
17.Still I'm Running Back To You
18.Understanding M.D.X. 2008 Remix
19.Florent 2 A.M. - Blank & Jones
20.Nothing Can Come Between Us Ft. Amii Stewart
21.Lo Credo, performed with I Ragazzi Italiani
22.Intro (Start of The Dance Part)
23.Only For A Lifetime
24.Dusty Road
25.On & On
26.Body Thrill (Remix)
27.Don't Start Giving Up
28.Livin' It Up, performed with Bros 2
29.Let Me In (Original, Remix and Alex Chinicci Remix)
30.Never,Never Gonna Give You Up, performed with Frankie Canthina Band
31.Friends ('91 Mix, DMC Remix, Marco Trani Remix, and Original Remix)
32.Message In The Eyes
33.Night Time Lady (Remix)
34.Lovely Day
35.Features Of Love (Remix)
36.Iron It Out (Remix)
37.Suddenly Back To Me (Remix)
38.Together Again, duet with Amii Stewart (Remix)
39.Dreams Of A Lifetime (Remix)
40.Survivor (Dave Pineda Supermix)
41.Survivor, duet with Belen Thomas (Remix)
42.Time Out Of Time (Remix)
43.Cigarette (UK Remix, Unreleased)
44.Se Tu Provi (Club Version)
45.Deliver Me (Funk Dub), performed with Blank & Jones
46.Nothing Can Come Between Us (Deep Mix) performed with Blank & Jones
47.Josephine (Balearic House Mix) performed with Blank & Jones
48.City Lights (Late Night Dub Mix) performed with Blank & Jones
49.Time (Beach House Mix)
50.Still The Same, performed with Sunshine People
51.I Love You, duet with Wendy Lewis, performed with Mystic Diversions (Dave Pineda Remix)

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