Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Essential Swiss Progressive House Mixes

Dinka, EDX, Chris Reece, Leventina, Daniel Portman, DJ Tatana, Passenger 10, Stanley Ross, Andrea Oliva, Rino Cabrera, George F. Zimmer & Helvetic Nerds are the most popular Swiss Progressive House acts.

Their sound is very unique. I always had a soft spot for these acts. I am their number one fan!

I started this very long project by doing a series of mix compilations of their tracks. I am proud to say that I am the first to do it and this is the most complete of them all.

Mixed and recorded on the fly. All mixes are in 16 bit digital stereo, 44.1 khz, 320 kbps format. Enjoy!


Part 1: 138 mb, 1:00:28

01.Chris Reece - Del Mundo
02.Chris Reece - Inferno Tropical
03.EDX - Casa Grande
04.Pat Farell - Marshmallow Dream (Passenger 10 Remix)
05.EDX - Premiumline (Helvetic Nerds Remix)
06.Mario Held - Only You (Leventina Remix)
07.Dinka - Chemistry
08.Dinka - Ordinary People
09.Dinka - The Celtic Of Scotland
10.Chris Reece, Dinka - Autumn Leaves
11.Swanky Tunes - Zodiac (Leventina Remix)
12.Felipe Kaval - 27 Girls (Leventina Remix)
13.Luciano Di Nardo - Anymore (Chris Reece Remix)
14.EDX - Shy Shy

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Part 2 : 138 mb, 1:00:25

01.Dinka - Gateways
02.Daniel Portman - Baaly (Passenger 10 Genuine & D.E.E.P. Mix)
03.Passenger 10 - Millenium Balls
04.Rino Cabrera - Creopola
05.Leventina - Hollywood
06.Passenger 10 - Mikado
07.Dinka - Silicone Heart
08.Dinka - Meaningful Story
09.Dinka - Wildfire
10.Dinka - Slightly Different
11.Passenger 10 - Avant Garde (Dinka D.E.E.P. Remix)
12.Carlos Russo - Endless Love (Leventina Remix)
13.DJ Tatana - Autumn Sun
14.Psy Life - Saltwater (DJ Tatana Remix)
15.Andrea Oliva - Helvetic Nerds

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Part 3: 138 mb, 1:00:27

01.Komytea - Professional Killers (Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman Remix)
02.Leventina - The Con Of Man
03.EDX - Premiumline (Re-Edit)
04.Dinka - Sin (Chris Reece Tribal Sucker Mix)
05.Rino Cabrera - Madeira (Helvetic Nerds Summer Jam Mix)
06.Leventina, Chris Reece - Esperando
07.Chris Reece - Suave (Helvetic Nerds Remix)
08.Swen Weber - The Pusher (Chris Reece Remix)
09.Leventina - Check Tha Ladies
10.Smartminds - Popcorn (Passenger 10)
11.Dinka - Kazantip
12.Dinka - Road To Perdition
13.Dinka - Eyelash
14.Leventina - Here Workin' (Dinka Remix)
15.Dinka - Never Cheat On Strangers
16.Dinka - Crystal Of Life
17.Dinka - Eyelash
18.Kaempfer & Dietze - Shear Force (Daniel Portman & Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
19.Andrea Oliva - Synbiosis
20.Daniel Portman & Andrea Oliva - Cherokee

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Part 4: 137 mb, 1:00:04

01.EDX - Hoover
02.Passenger 10 - Needles & Pins
03.Daniel Portman - Open Your Mind
04.Leventina - Medical Insurance
05.Leventina - Wisdom
06.Dinka - Temptation
07.Leventina - Nightshift
08.Claes Rosen - Mystify (Dinka Remix)
09.Andrea Oliva - Sombatiki
10.Mr. Fiction Ft. Jiamee - U Can't Keep It On (Chris Reece Remix)
11.Leventina - Everlasting Love
12.Chris Reece - Sultan Of Zurich (Original Breakfast Mix)
13.Daniel Portman & Good Intention - Calimba
14.Andrea Oliva - Arosa
15.Daniel Portman & Rino Cabrera - Sumatra (Version In The Night Club)

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Part 5: 134 mb, 00:58:50

01.Stanley Ross - Megaphone
02.Stanley Ross - Inconsistent
03.Stanley Ross - La Tempesta
04.George F. Zimmer - All Night Long
05.George F. Zimmer - Back To Solaris
06.Dinka - Don't Deal With Justice
07.Dinka - Disco Is Back
08.Dinka - Lunar Sea
09.Stanley Ross - Schmutzige Musik (Rino Cabrera Get Dirty Remix)
10.Stanley Ross - Yours
11.Leventina - Suppa Druppa
12.Daniel Portman & Stanley Ross - Tiny Dolls
13.Stanley Ross - Geisha
14.D'Argento - The Sun (Stanley Ross Mykonos Remix)
15.George F. Zimmer - Awake
16.George F. Zimmer - Departure (Dub)
17.Deadmau5 - Arguru (EDX 5un5shine Remix)
18.Yves Larock - Say Yeah (EDX Ibiza Sunrise Mix)
19.Mary J. Blige - Stronger (EDX Belo Horizonte Mix)
20.Dobenbeck Ft. Joanna - Please Don't Go (Chris Reece Remix)

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