Friday, August 7, 2009

C-Box Tunage

Some large tunes getting dropped by you guys in C-Box as pair usual, very tasty stuff indeed ,thanx you all for sharing your memory's!!! Here are the highlights!!!!

S-Express Return Trip - Morning Train, Side (Aquarius Mix)

S-Express Return Trip -Mornining Train, Side (Tony Di Vit)

Perpetual Motion-Keep On Dancin' (Let's Go)

ngo Boys-How To Dance

Monica Delux-Move to The Music(Piano Mix)

Expose-Tell Me Why(DMC) ( 1 of my fav's)

Control-Am On Extasy

Paperclip People-Throw

Rockford Files -you gotta know

2For Joy-In A State

Martin Lutha King( Davy T's Tribute Mix )

Sublime-Transamerican(New York Mix)

Eric Perez Project-Release(Classic Mix)

*Big thanx to all the ladz who took the time to share these belters you all know who you are!!!

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