Thursday, August 27, 2009

Super Bombs

Well here is another addition to the many bombs you know and love. All of them are massive and will kill you if turned on too loud. I also got two special bounses for ya.

Brian Cross - Waiting feat. Keneida (Abel Ramos Barcelona With Love Dub Mix) <--- If you know Mr. Ramos you know its gunna be huge. Sick song with a massive drop.

Wolfgang Gartner - Fire Power (Original Mix) <--- Not your typical bomb. Very Electro, and i say it's like a combo of Rick Wakeman and The Bloody Beetroots.

Dero - Deros Rave (Thomas Gold Mix) <--- Typical Dero with his "Juicyness" with a Thomas Gold twist at his finest.

Gabi Newman, Eve Carey - Dance (David Gausa NuTribe Mix) <--- Electro Triby BOMB!!!

Now for the two bounses. This first one isnt house but it's something HUGE!!! Very trippy and it will melt your brain and explode it in half melt. Hear it to believe it.

Stagga - Timewarp

Now for the Grand Finale!!! It's not the full track but its pretty HQ. Another COLOMBIAN INFLUENCE FOR HOUSE MUSIC!!! I EFFING LOVE IT!!!

Steve Angello - La Candela

Enjoy the Bombs, but take Caution.
-Dj Guaro

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