Monday, August 24, 2009

The First Year Anniversary Of This Blog Is Coming Soon!

To My Loyal Followers:

This blog that I created will turn 1 on September 2, 2009. I have many plans in mind. I was also thinking about holding a contest wherein I will be giving away free cd's of my mixes to the lucky winner/s. I could not think of a contest so maybe you guys can give me advice or ideas on this.

I was thinking along the lines of "why do you like this blog", and all of you can write me a short essay. Then I'll make my family and friends decided who is/are the winners and the winner can have their choice of mixes (5 CD's) that I have made or 1 custom cd where the winner can choose the songs they want on their cd, as long as I have those songs.

I might do some really wonderful mixes of all the genres that I play. It will be a long project but I am planning on posting them all on the month of September. I will be also reposting the mixes that I had a lot of feedback and downloads for those that only followed this blog recently.

I was also planning on making September a loyal blog follower month where I will feature a few of these people that helped this blog prosper. So If you want to be featured, I need your photos, info, profile etc......

I would also appreciate if some of you can donate some money to help me offset the costs of hosting all the mixes and music files on the 2 hosting sites that I have a paid subscription and all the new music that I have been featuring here are paid for out of my own pocket thru my purchases at Beatport, Juno, Traxsource, 8th Wonder Record Pool, Electro-Maniacs Record Pool. Unfortunately nothing is really free nowadays. Although technically you can get all the free music you want by getting it from other blog sites, forums, torrents, limewire etc.........., but then you are not supporting the artists by doing this. So I rather buy my music than "leech" it for free.

The time I spend on this blog costs money too timewise but I do it for free without expecting anything in return, all I want is that you do not forget to thank your blogger for making these all possible.

My original goal of sharing music has been realized and it will stay that way. I understand that not everyone in this world can afford to buy music so this my contribution to the world. I could have shared all those music that I purchased individually but then I won't be no different from all those other blogs that share free music downloads.

I wanted this blog to be different from the rest and I wanted to showcase my talent for mixing and my very extensive collection of vinyl and my diverse musical preferences which some of you may or may not like.

When I started as a DJ in the late 70's there were no computers, cd players or mixing softwares that will do the mixing for you at the click of a mouse. Back then it was all done with records, cassettes, 8-Track, and reel to reel tapes, and deejaying then was considered an art and this is what I call pure real raw talent. You have to have the ear for it to be a real DJ!

My plans this year is to showcase and make tribute mix compilations of some of these artists/singers/groups/composers/deejays/remixers that I liked a lot from the 70's up to the present.

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