Friday, August 14, 2009

The Best Of Giorgio Moroder Part 2

To Giorgio Moroder fans all over the world. This is the second part of of my compilation of songs that were written, produced and performed by Giorgio Moroder and his colleagues, Harold Faltemeyer, & Keith Forsey. Giorgio is one of my favorite artists.
Tony my little italian translator helper here is another compilation that I made especially for you and the all those fans who like his music.
Mixed and recorded on the fly. 100 % All original vinyl.
DBX Encoded Digital Stereo 320 kbps, 44.1 khz, 183 mb, 1:20:00
01.Take My Breath Away (Performed by Berlin)
02.What A Feeling (Irene Cara)
03.You Can (Madleen Kane)
04.Machines (Disconet Remix)
05.Never Ending Story (Limahl)
06.Over My Head (Toni Basil)
07.Rush Rush (Debbie Harry)
08.No More Words (Berlin)
09.Together In Electric Dreams (with Phillip Oakey)
10.Breakdance (Irene Cara)
11.Playing For Time (Madleen Kane)
12.Good-Bye Bad Times (with Phillip Oakey)
13.Girl In The 80's (France Joli)
14.The Dream (Irene Cara)
15.Dancing In Berlin (Berlin)
16.Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins)
17.Why Me (Irene Cara)
18.Reach Out (Featuring Paul Engemann)
19.Fly Too High (Janis Ian)
20.On The Radio (Instrumental Unplugged Version)
21.Fly Too High (Instrumental Unplugged Version)
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