Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I was looking so forward to getting me hands on these mixes by some of my favourite DJ's from my very favourite Club!!! Friday,Saturday and sometimes Monday for a good few years i could be found making shapes on the legendary State dance floor!!! Great days happy memories top tunes great DJ's!!!! So a huge thanks to Big J.C for taking the time and effort of up-in and sharing these sets with all of us to enjoy!!!

DJ Ste McGee(State Hangover Mix)

DJ Ste McGee(State Mix 1)

Dj Ste McGee(State Mix2)

The State-Monster Jam 2(DJ Lee Butler & DJ Mark Simon)

The State-Monster Jam 6(DJ Ste Mcgee & Dj Lee Butler)

DJ Davy T -State Vol 4

DJ Davy T-State Vol 5

DJ Davy t-State Vol 6

The Pleasure Tribe DJ's Mix 1 (State 1992)

The Pleasure Tribe DJ's Mix 2(State 1992)

*Thanx again John!!!

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