Monday, June 21, 2010

Nick Harris new EP "Zap Dance, And Other Moves" out now

Nick Harris has been on the bridge of the good ship NRK Music for the last 14 years, steering a course for the label that has worked with almost every legend in dance music. Earlier this year he took the step from label boss to artist with his debut single ‘In The Shadows Of Simian’ and now he follows it up with an EP that shows that Harris’ years of experience as an A&R (and DJ) have left him with an ear for outstanding quality production.

‘Zap Dance, And Other Moves’ is a varied 4 track release, soaking up deep house and techno influences. ‘Zap Dance’, a rolling and pulsating slice of tech fuelled house with a hypnotic, head down vibe. The wonderful ‘(Turn Down) The Lights’, is a stripped and sparse piece of basement house that uses simple drums and an old school DX style bassline to huge effect. ‘Bang The Box’ goes straight for the jugular with it’s no nonsense rhythm track and speaker testing B-line. Once again Harris’ house music pedigree is on show here with a strong sense of the dance music’s past meeting its future. And ‘Walkways’ is a lazy jazzy slice of driving deep house.

Selected DJ comments;

Seth Troxler (Wagon Repair) – “Bang The Box” for me, thanks!
Jim Rivers (Global Underground) - “Bang The Box” and “Walkways” are both ace!
Andy Graham (Sei A) – Nice EP, great range of styles
Marcin Czubala (Mobilee) – Another quality release from NRK, “Zap Dance” already in my May chart and full support
Terry Francis (Fabric) – Cool EP, I like a few of these
Rocky (X-Press 2) – “The Lights” and “Walkways” both bring it, playing “Walkways” on the radio show
Chris Lattner (Moon Harbour) – “Turn Down The Lights” is faaat!
Glimpse (Crosstown Rebels) – “Walkways” is amazing, thanks!
Yannick (Innervisions) – “Turn Down The Lights” is the bomb! Straight in my box!
James Teej (Rekids) – Diggin “Walkways”, nice track
H.O.S.H. (Diynamic) – Been into Nick’s stuff lately, always a unique atmosphere, thumbs up!
Claudio Coccoluto (The Dub) – “Zap Dance” is the one for me
James Flavour (Dirt Crew) – Liking “Walkways”
Ed Davenport (Liebe Detail) - 4 solid killers from Nick! “Bang The Box” is HOT!
Shinedoe (Intacto) – “Bang The Box”, nice one, thx!
Scope (Urban Torque/Large) - Proper low slung deep tech house.. Feelin it!

"Zap Dance, And Other Moves" EP is out now on 12" vinyl and as digital release through Beatport.

Preview "(Turn Down) The Lights"
Preview "Zap Dance"
Purchase 12" vinyl
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