Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mockus House!

People in America and maybe Europe may not understand why I'm posting this. But in Colombia they definitely might. Antanas Mockus is a candidate in the Presidential Election in Colombia. He stands for Love, Equality, Anti-Corruption, and a brighter future for my beautiful country. His beliefs sound a little like the beliefs of a certain kind of music we all love....... hmmm what could that be......

Steve Angello - Cheflute v2 (Angger Dimas Booty Remix)

Doobie J Feat. Diana Waite - Release Yourself (Mojito's Nyc Basement Mix)

Dj Rooster Sammy Peralta - Chimba (Rooster Peralta House Mix)

Da House Brothers - Wepas (Chiringuito Mix)

Da House Brothers - A Tocar La Trompeta (Original Mix)

Entonces para mis Colombianos, Voten Julio 20 por MOCKUS, por El Partido Verde, por un futuro mejor. VIVA COLOMBIA!!!


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