Friday, November 6, 2009

On My Way Out

Well hello again. I officially started my vacation yesterday afternoon. I'm soo excited. I'm just posting before i head out on my last night in SoFla for a week. Where am I going? To the birthplace of my ancestors. COLOMBIA!!! I Love my South Florida but i'm getting tired of everything and i just need an amazing getaway somewhere i havent been in a long time. Plus yours truly is also becoming and "International Dj". I'll be playing at a couple of clubs in Colombia. Not to mention that I might be opening for Ilario Alicante in Cali, Colombia!!! So I'm pretty excited to leave. But don't worry i'll keep in the loop, I'll be uploading my live sets. So to SOFLA i bid a farewell and to Colombia here I am come kicking and screaming that HOUSE MUSIC!!!

Rolvario & Musicfuckerz - Spanish Fly (Original Mix)

Federico Franchi feat. Becci - Image (Boom Boom Sonnox Version)

Mick Kastenholt - I Got The Bomb! (Original Club Mix)

Mick Kastenholt - I Got The Bomb! (Vocal Club Mix)

Gel Abril - Spells Of Yoruba (Bingo Players Remix)

Farewell my friends until next time I will be posting LIVE FROM COLOMBIA!!!

Peace & Love

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