Monday, November 23, 2009

Jake and Elwood


Some people can do everything. Well nearly everything, Jake and Elwood seem to be such people. They manage to maintain 5 different blogs. One for each decade. Jake and Elwood - 1960s provides you with the best of the Byrds (love 'em), The Beach Boys and many others from a time that has long passed by. Their 1970s blog, which I personally find well worth visiting (might be because I think that it was then that the best music was made), is full of good albums from the Doors, Kraftwerk and many others. The 1980s are again well worth visiting for your Black Sabbath and Blondie tracks. The 1990s is their seemingly most popular blog. Here you find Lenny Kravitz, Outkast, Queen etc. Their last blog (where do they find the time!) is more contemporary in nature and deals with the almost past decade of 2000-2009. Ever heard of Beyoncé, Neneh Cherry or DEUS? Tired of visiting them all at once? Well rest assured Jake and Elwood are willing to help you a bit and summerise the best of the best in their greatest hits blog. That last blog is more informative in nature and thus hosts a lot more text. Well boys and girls, I think Jake and Elwood deserve the title of tip of the day. Congratz, guys - well done!!

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