Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Call of Duty: the music must continue

Yeah, let's say i'm a little err "addicted" to the game right now. If i'm not working on my full-time job i'm home spending numerous hours on the campaign part of the game or taking names on Xbox Live (gamertag: JaMiNAraujo, btw).

Yeah, i know. this is a MOVIES & HOUSE MUSIC blog yadda, yadda.. But i'm a gamer too! Big gamer, per se.

If you have the spare money, get the damn game already! The campaign is so envolving, you literally feel like sometimes you are there running with your mates in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Or escaping militia terrorist soldiers down a snowy mountain slope full-speed on a snowmobile while trying to shoot down terrorists in front of you.
It's just awesome.

Ok, i know you came here for the music so here we are:
Laidback Luke, Gregor Salto feat. Mavis Acquah - Step By Step (Big Room Mix)

Eco Tech - Sun Emotions (Phunk Investigation Mix) <- different sound from Phunk Investigation, very techy but awesome, nonetheless.

Britney Spears - 3 (Wolfgang-Gartner Extended Mix)

Steve Murano - Owner of A Lonely Heart (Original Retro Mix) <- Banger remix of a CLASSIC!

De Bos, Yeah Yeah Yeahs - The Heads Will Roll Down (Malm Edit)

Infusion - Dogtown (Alex Kenji Remix) <- Supported by Chus, Dubfire!

Chuckie & LMFAO - Let The Bass Kick in Miami Bitch (Extended Mix) <- The TRUE 320kps/FULL release of Let The Bass Kick in Miami Bitch finally out!

One Love!

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