Monday, May 17, 2010

Special Treat 100,000 Hits : Classic Jazz Fusion Disco Mix

My blog has reached 100,000 visits 2 days ago and it’s still going up!

This would have not been possible without all of you whom have visited and those loyal ones who kept returning to this blog, and I'd like to say a big THANK YOU! You are all my inspiration in keeping this blog alive.

This another accomplishment for me considering this blog started in September of 2008 as a hobby.

I have seen a lot of blogs come and go the past few months. Just letting all you know that I am in it for the long run so this blog will continue until I say so.

Last September 2009, when this blog had it's one year anniversary I also hit the magical number of one of the top one million sites in the world according to Alexa's stats. It was hard but I did it. I was posting more than one mix per day for that whole month!

Blogging is so time consuming and can be good if you are making money on it but in my case I do not make money out of it and I only update my blog when I have the spare time as I do have a regular day job, plus I do have chores to do in my house. In case you guys did not know I am the chef of my maison.

I am also finishing restoration of my classic BMW in time for summer and it is also the start of the fishing season ( I do like sport fishing) and I still have my regular radio shows at Faderwave Radio and DanceRadio Canada.

So factor all of this things that I do on a daily basis plus trying to make a mix tape like every 2-3 days which btw takes at least three hours of time, I am a very, very busy person.

You should all give me credit for still finding time to blog and do mixes and update my Facebook fan page as well. By the time all of this is done in a day's work I am really tired and I tend to sleep late and wake up early everyday. I'm not young anymore so I need to take a break from time to time, and that is what I have been doing now, just taking it easy with this blog.

Because of this milestone I am treating you to this nice mix of classic 70's & 80's jazzy funky disco music, just in time for summer.

FYI, I do not rehearse or practice my mixes, I always do it on the fly and record it on the spot with no retakes, as I do not have the time to rehearse.

100% all original vinyl. Enjoy!

Peace & Love to all of you!

PS. Sorry no artists in the track listing to avoid getting deleted by the DMCA cops!

DBX Enhanced 16 Bit Digital Stereo, 44.1 khz, 320 kbps, 172 mb, 1:15:34

01.Summer Madness
02.When Linda Smiles
03.Next Time We Love
04.Sign Of The Times
05.Lovely Day
06.The Steamin' Feelin'
07.Rise (Remix)
08.Rotation (Remix)
09.Sunnin' N' Funnin'
10.Morning Sun
11.Seeing Is Believing
12.The Groove
13.Walking In Rhythm
15.De Ja Vu (Remix)
16.Love Till The End Of Time
19.TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)
20.Spring High
21.I Am Glad That You're Here (Remix)
21.One Wish
22.Love Magic
23.Whistle Bump (Remix)
24.Carnival Of Colors

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