Friday, October 9, 2009

Latin Brazilian House Mix 1

All of you must be wondering you have not seen a new post for 3 days, I have taken a short break from all that work that I did for the whole month of September for this blog. I made and posted more than 30 mixes for that month.

I was checking on my statistics at Alexa and this blog ranked as high as 17,xxx in the Philippines, and I am proud of my achievement considering this blog only turned a year old last September 2, 2009.

I could have made this site rank better if I started sharing individual tracks/songs but then it defeats the purpose of supporting the artists by buying their music legally. Maybe I should just join the rest of the bloggers that offer free downloads?

So if anyone in the field of PR and advertising from the Philippines who regularly checks my blog maybe you can help me by placing ads on this site to at least partially cover the costs of making this blog where it is now. I pay for my music and I never get it for free unless the record companies send me free promo stuff.

I have been doing a few mix projects for this blog, and this is the first of my latin brazilian house mix compilations that I will be posting here.

I made this mix as a request by a good old friend Mon Lindo, from Makati, The Philippines, he wanted to hear the house version of Lanca Perfume originally remixed by DJ Meme back in 1995. I remixed it by adding beats on the beginning of the track to make it more dj friendly.

Mixed and recorded on the fly. Enjoy!


DBX Enhanced Digital Stereo, 44.1 khz, 320 kbps, 141 mb, 1:01:50

01.Rita Lee & Roberto - (DJ Meme & Dave Pineda Remix)
02.Chuck Love Ft. Estaire Godinez - Bailando (Original Mix)
03.Miguel Migs Ft. Leedia - Mi Destino (Miguel Migs Summer Delight Mix)
04.Hot Hands Pres. Karyna - Quiero Tus Caricias (DJ Meme Club Mix)
05.Rasmus Faber Ft. Clara Mendes - Demanda (Miguel Migs Remix)
06.Carlos Silva Ft. Nelson Freitas & Q-Plus - Cre Sabe (Knee Deep Remix)
07.Physics Ft, Simone Moreno - Esterlas (Physics Que Puro Mix)
08.Negrocan - Cada Vez Que Te Veo (Original Mix)
09. Frank Degrees - O Samba E (Frank & Moses Fussen Remix)
10.Stonebridge Ft. Isabel Fructuoso - Clorophilla (T&F Moltosugo Klub Remix)
11.Mundo Azul - Sereia (Original Mix)
12.Copyright Ft. Isabel Fructuoso - La Vida (Original Mix, Unreleased)

To Listen Or DL:
DJ Dave Pineda Latin Brazilian House 1.mp3

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