Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Allow me to re-introduce myself

So finally the good folks at M&HM decided to join forces, a process we have been debating for a while, and starting today Audioapex.blogspot.com has joined the staff of M&HM to bring you a new blog that will be updated everyday! But anyways lets cut to the chase, the name is Caio/IC3HOUSE and Im like the unofficial member of Saha; always behind the scenes, and I here to serve the people by bringing you a different taste and flavor to this blog. So strap your seat belts and enjoy the ride cause this blog is about to be propelled to another level. Ejoy folks!

02 - M4dre N0ch3 Original Mix ----> some nice minimal

Northie - Looking Fresh (Fresh Prince bootleg) ---> bit electro, but awesome nevertheless

sincerely yours!

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