Thursday, July 1, 2010

Strictly Vinyl Classics 3 The Eighties

To the loyal followers of this blog I present to the third series of my "Strictly Vinyl Classics" mix compilation.

Just to let all of you know that it takes a lot of time to do a vinyl classic mix compared to just mixing EDM music. It is easy for me as I was playing all this music back then so I can just do it on the fly.

On the average it takes at least 3 hours to do all of it. Mixing, recording, mastering, uploading and posting. Do not forget to thank your blogger and DJ if he is doing both.

Some DJ's only do one or two mix tapes each month compared to me doing at least 10 or more a month.

I do have a day job that is 5 days a week and do chores daily in my household such as being the chef of the house. Then I check emails, my sites. I play in clubs twice a week and have two live internet radio shows. So I barely have enought time to sleep really.

Anyways hope you enjoy this mix. As always it is mixed and recorded on the fly. Enjoy!


DBX Ehanced 16 Bit Digital Stereo, 44.1 khz, 320 kbps, 166 mb, 1:12:45

01.Steve Allen - Message Of Love (Dave Pineda Remix)
02.Silver Pozzoli - From You To Me
03.Belen Thomas, Special Duet With Mike Francis - Survivor
04.Sergio Mendes - Mas Que Nada
05.Basia - Promises
06.Brother Beyond - Be My Twin
07.8th Wonder - Cross My Heart
08.Information Society - What's On Your Mind
09.Information Society - Walking Away
10.When In Rome - The Promise
11.Rick Astley - Take Me To Your Heart
12.Donna Summer - This Time I Know It's For Real
13.Sonia - Never Stop Loving You
14.Bo Boss - Tequila
15.Gary Low - I Want You
16.Gazebo - Masterpiece
17.Ryan Paris - Gazebo
18.Righiera - Vamos A La Playa
19.Gilbert Montagne - Liberte

To Listen or DL:
zSHARE: DJ Dave Pineda Strictly Vinyl Classics 3 The Eighties.mp3

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