Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fierce Disco IV

Fierce Angel, l’etichetta dell’ex Hed Kandi Mark Doyle, mette a segno un altro colpo vincente con questa nuova raccolta in triplo cd unmixed. Fierce Disco IV racchiude 33 bombe house già testate dai dee jay della label durante i loro recenti fantasmagorici party tenutisi ovunque da Miami a Dubai a Singapore a Londra e Ibiza! Molte le tracce esclusive tra cui ben otto brani firmati dal the fierce collective! Prezzo 19.50€.


1. dino and mousse t feat. lisa - summer days (mousse t extended summer mix)
2. fierce collective feat. soraya vivian - dont lose the magic (extended mix)
3. fierce collective feat. polina - dont tell me goodbye (eks fierce disco mix)
4. degrees of motion - celebrate (degrees of motion 2010 mix)
5. fierce collective feat. erire - this is my life (degrees of motion mix)
6. cherie moon - one more crazy summer (bassmonkeys mix)
7. martin wright feat. angie brown - cant get to sleep (original mix)
8. yves murasca feat. ezzy safaris - saxophobic satisfaction 2010 (club mix)
9. milk and sugar feat. ayak - let the love (milk and sugar global mix)
10. izzy stardust and dumb dan - looking out for a bigger love (original main mix)
11. roger sanchez - 2gether (original club mix)

1. frankie knuckles - the whistle song (eks 2010 re fresh)
2. lugh paravati - could it be love (extended original version)
3. kaskade - angel on my shoulder (extended mix)
4. the bassmonkeys - ill show you loving bassmonkeys (original mix)
5. fierce collective feat. soraya vivian - happenin all over again (bassmonkeys club mix)
6. fierce collective feat. peyton and lady v - baker street (bassmonkeys club mix)
7. bimbo jones - and i try (original club mix)
08. starchaser and nanchang nancy - so good (original mix)
09. inna - hot cahill (club mix)
10. agnes - on and on (cahill mix)
11. fierce collective feat. soraya vivian - where i stood (fierce collective club mix)

1. grum - cant shake this feeling grum (club mix)
2. ocelot - breaking hearts (louis la roche remix)
3. james talk and ridney - forever (extended mix)
4. fierce collective feat. eric kupper - blue eks (extended mix)
5. fierce collective feat. kiss n fly - river flows in you eks (extended mix)
6. meck feat. dino - feels like a prayer (club mix 2010)
7. sgt slick - everyday (original mix)
8. avicii and sebastien drums - my feelings for you (original mix)
9. eric chase - the way it is (club mix)
10. edwards world - soul roots 2010 (mark simmons 2010 remix)
11. fierce collective feat. peyton - the best of you (bassmonkeys club mix)


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