Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Solid Passion

Dopo 2 anni dal loro 3° album "Armed Response", Harley & Muscle ci presentano il quarto capolavoro: "Solid passion"!!! Dopo aver girato il mondo con i loro dj sets deep house e lavorato alle diverse produzioni (Soulstar & Little Angel Records) ecco un progetto davvero incredibile: cd1) il nuovo album; cd2 "una raccolta pezzi rari, da Jay-j ft Michelle Shaprow, Byron Stingily, Marie Tweek....a So What ft Kenny Bobien, Justin Imperiale...Prezzo 23.50€.


cd 1: album
1. "solid passion"
2. "here & now"
3. "true"
4. "then came you" feat. india"
5. "behind the curtain"
6. "black gown"
7. "your life"
8. "you can't lie" with kerri chandler
9. "house whispers"
10. "accomplished minds"
11. "glorious destiny"

cd 2: rare grooves
1. harley&muscle feat. india "then came you" (12 minutes khanzada deep mix)
2. jay-j feat. michelle shaprow "if i wanted you" (harley&muscle khanzada deep mix)
3. marie tweek "one stop" (harley&muscle deep remix)
4. so what feat. kenny bobien "let me apologize" (harley&muscle deep remix)
5. justin imperiale feat. davina "movin' on" (harley&muscle deep mix)
6. demarkus lewis feat. demetrius price "truth" (harley&muscle deep mix)
7. byron stingily "circle dance" (harley&muscle deep remix)
8. armando silvestre & henri josh feat. j. katorz "we are free" (harley&muscle deep mix)
9. dj pap feat. cei bei "it's the music" (harley&muscle deep mix)

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