Saturday, March 13, 2010

House is a Revolution

House Music is more than a just a sound or a genre of music. It's a Revolution! A Revolution spreading all over the world like wildfire. It's a Revolution promoting REAL peace & freedom. A Revolution that cannot be stopped and is gaining momentum everyday. Thats why I post. To give my little grain of sand help aid this Great Revolution of music. VIVA LA HOUSE!!!

Michel Cleis feat. Toto La Momposina - La Mezcla (Riva Starr Mojito Remix)

Mason feat DMC and Sam Sparro - Corrected (Ralvero Remix)

Pablo Rindt & Semrooy - Sleeping Beautie (Rolvario Remix)

Mario Ochoa feat. Pirobo - Much Better (Milton Channels Remix) <--- Don't expect it to be anything like the original.

Lil' Jon feat. Mr. Catra & Mulher File - Machuka <--- Funky (brazil) meets the Dirty South (atlanta) under one "House"

David Tort & Groove Prinsoner - OOBE Sky High (Diskotek & John Jay 2010 WMC Rework)

Afro Bro's & Levy - Got Some Magic (Alvaro Remix)

Abel Ramos - House Nation (Hatiras Mix)

Sebastien Leger - Balkamaniac (Original Mix)


-Comandante Guaro

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