Wednesday, February 17, 2010

POST 400 And a Late Birthday!!!

WOOOOOOOO!!! Post Numero 400!!! Also i can't believe we forgot this is (really idk how this got away from us) but, tomorrow is the 2 Year and 1 month (sorry were late bloggy) Anniversary of MOVIES & HOUSE MUSIC!!!! Instead of doing it big and crazy like people do with celebrations. Lets pull up a couch and vibe, enjoy the fruits of our work and feel the music. Special little chill post for ya. So relax kick back and celebrate with me 2 YEARS (and one month) of Movies & House Music!!!

Party Dark - Is That You (Extended Club Mix)

Jose Amnesia feat. Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms 2010 (Original Mix)

Grafiti - Spooky Trains (Original Mix)

Deniz Koyu - What We Are (Club Mix)

Beat Factory - Relentless (Re-Zone Remix)

Albin Myers & Jonas Sellberg - Crash (Nikola & Groovenatics Remix)

68 Beats, Katie Marne - Are You Listening (Robbie Rivera Original Mix)

I also got a lil homework assignment for you. NAME THIS TRACK!!! THANKS YOU M&HM Ninjas.

Idk what this is!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOVIES & HOUSE MUSIC!!! I promise I wont miss next years!


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