Thursday, October 15, 2009

Progressive House Mix 101509

It's about time I made a progressive house mix. A lot of new tunes in this compilation.

Mixed and recorded on the fly. Enjoy!


16 Bit Digital Stereo, 44.1 khz, 320 kbps, 175mb, 1:16:30

01.Inpetto - Catwalk
02.Madonna Ft. Deadmau5 - Miles Away
03.Benny Benassi Ft. Channing - Come Fly Away 2K9
04.Incognet - Imagine
05.Shingo Nakamura - Metro Tour
06.Kaspar Kochker - Thailand
07.Rino Cabrera - Best Of Me
08.Dinka - Slightly Different
09.Glenn Morrison, Zoo Brazil - A Lament
10.W.O.R.M. - Moonwalk
11.Aleete - Trilogy
12.7Blanche - Summer Breeze
13.Moonbeam Ft. Avis Vox - Storm Of Clouds
14.Udgata Anagh - Edea
15.Phunktastike - Intro
16.Alex Kenji -Encelado

To Listen Or DL:
DJ Dave Pineda Progressive House Mix 101509.mp3

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