Friday, October 9, 2009

Never Have Enough Vacaciones

Guaro here for a very special post. I havent done Feature artist of the week in a loooong time. This is better than that. MTV has IDOL, making an artist as an iconic symbol of the musical society. Well we are doing a little Idol-ing of ourselves in inducting someone into the M&HM Hall of Fame, so he can be honored all the time. The first person to enter the M&HM Hall of Fame is..... The man himself Ilario Alicante!!!

The Italian Superstar Dj was born in 1988 in Livorno, Italy. Being exposed to all kinda of music at a young age from his mother, Ilario grew a natural love for music. Ilario then begins to know the world of the night and that of the dj, and in a first moment has contact with instrumentations "of luck" attempting a hard mix inside of the legendary "cameretta" then continuing to deepen and to improve finally the residence arrives at the Pachamama Club. Here technology and quality ascends, thanks to this new experience, his skills grow to high levels. Hence it begins to attend local very important clubs in Italy, Germany and finally Spain where thanks to the Circoloco and to Cocoon knows and some music enchants, his house has touches of Latin cadences, minimal techno and electronics. From then on he starts to produce this breed of music. While he is making sick music we stumble upon a song that would change our world and introduce us to Mr. Ilario.

This song is the anthem to our life. There are not a lot words that can explain how amazing this song is. It chill and loungey but bouncy. Deep Minimal House. Simply It's Perfection. Now here the amazing song and it's remixes. Who said too much of one thing is bad. You can NEVER have too Vacaciones.

Vacaciones En Chile (Original Mix)

Vacaciones En Chile (Massivedrum Remix) <--- A more progressive version of the song but with all the basics. Too bad it's just a rip but good enough.

Ilario Alicante - Vacaciones En Chile (Chris Way Vocal Edit) <--- Now this one is the Orginal Mix with an amazing spiritual poem.

Vacaciones En Chile (Bizarre R Remix) <--- Just a pinch of electro in it. The bassline in the beginning simply amazing. It also has a splash of classic house vocals.

Vacaciones En Chile (Pirupa Edit Remix) <---- Now this one is probably my favorite mix of Vaca. If you dont know Vaca or know a little about it, this just twists you and throws you into the song and you just get caught sooo off guard.

Vacaciones En Chile (Tenax Gemma Remix) <--- Now this one is Miojo's favorite and I can see why. Not just do you hear an amzing trippy remix of the song but you get treated to Juan Pachanga. Who is Juan..... just listen.

Now for some of his other amazing tunes.

Minimono - Minidub (Ilario Alicante Logical Remix) <---- even though its just a remix of his it's still one of my favorite tunes from Ilario.

Going Straight To Caracas <--- Very Hard Minimal. Love it.

Living Near Africa (Original Mix) <--- Deep House at it's finest. Very trippy "vocals"

Chanting Near Africa (Original Mix) <--- Another Sic Deep House tune from start to finish.

I Like To Serve <--- If Vaca never existed this song would be my favorite. I would never think Ping Pong and House would ever join forces. Now your probably thinking, did he just say Ping Pong? Well this song is a ping pong match being mixed the great Ilario. Just take a listen.

Now you know why Ilario Alicante is being inducted into the M&HM Hall of fame. Now if you live in South Florida and your interested in Alicante, on November 13 he will be playing at Karu & Y in Miami. You definitely know we are going to be there. Keep it coming Ilario, and whatever happens M&HM will always be fans!!!


We have a new addition to the M&HM Team. With this addition he will be bringing something a little extra to the blog. Later on he will be posting and he tell you whats up. SHOW HIM SOME LOVE!!!

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