Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dont Go!!

Right party people the weekend is in touching distance now (Thank Frick!!)So i thought i would drop a couple of simple update/remixes from 1996 of the classic Awsome 3 tune Dont Go !!! Check These Out !!

Awsome 3-Dont Go(Kendo MI Piano Mix)

Awsome 3-Dont Go(Sunshine State Mix)

*Also guys a few of the lads who have been great Friends to this blog
and who have all contributed alot to O.S.H.M.1990-2000
have started there own Old School sites, all slightly different to this but up to now looking really really good,please support these boys as like us they to are doing it not for financial gain but purely for the love of music,You can find links to there blogs as well as the other cracking blogs we are good friends with in our Top Blog List on the left hand side of the page.....Thanx

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