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The Best Gino Soccio Medley Mix

Gino Soccio

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Gino Soccio is a Canadian disco producer born in 1955 in Montreal. His heritage is Italian. His only US Hot 100 entry was the #48 "Dancer" in 1979, but he did hit #1 on the US Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart twice ("Dancer" / "Dance to Dance" in 1979 and "Try It Out" / "Hold Tight" in 1981, six weeks each). Gino's third biggest hit "It's Alright"/"Look At Yourself" from his mega album "Face to Face" reached #2 for 5 weeks also on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. "Turn it around" was released as a single-only in 1984.

In the UK he received airplay from Robbie Vincent on Radio London and Greg Edwards on Capital Radio on imported RFC Records out of New York a subsidiary of Warner Bros Records.He also assembled and produced the disco studio group Witch Queen, best known for their Top 10 dance hit "Bang A Gong" / "All Right Now" in 1979. While it may not have topped the charts the song "Remember" was a NYC club favourite in the 80s. It has been remixed dozens of times by some famous DJs when it was released and has been remixed by countless others even recently.
From his myspace tribute:

How many musicians can you name who reach number one on the disco charts with their debut record. Gino Soccio has done it with his hit “Dancer.” Young (he’s only 23 years old!), good-looking (take a gander at the accompanying photo), and very talented, Gino appears to have a very bright future.

Although his primary instrument is the piano, Gino plays an amazing number of others: acoustic guitar, drums, synthesizers. In addition, he handles horn and string arrangements as well as lead vocals. Something of a Renaissance disco man, you might say.

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Gino began studying piano at the age of 8. His parents insisted that he extend his cultural background. As he puts it, “I wasn’t into sports very much, and music was a good way to get out of it.” By the time he was 11 Gino was enjoying playing Bach sonatas, “because after one listening they would stay in your head – they really had hooks.” By the age of 18 Gino had begun renting electronic keyboards and synthesizers to use in his own home studio. He was so into recording his own music that he gave up entirely on social life.

The next year he was ready for his first break. It came after a producer asked him to play keyboards and write a tune for a group called Kebekeletrik (Quebec Electrique). He ended up, however, doing practically the whole LP by himself. This meant recording 48 tracks, synthesized drums to keyboards, soup to nuts. Fortunately for Gino, “War Dance” went top ten disco in the U.S. When Gino walked into a Montreal disco and saw how much people were enjoying dancing to his music, he was hooked on disco.
With this first success, Gino dropped out of college, using the money he made to record one more demo. When Ray Caviano, head of Warner/RFC Records, heard it, he signed Gino to inaugurate his new label and rest is history. The album “Outline” is now considered one of the most adventurous disco LPs.

My quote:
Gino is considered to be one of the pioneers of disco and electronic music and is up there with the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Dennis Le Page, Patrick Cowley, Harold Faltmeyer, Mauro Malavasi, Kraftwerk, etc.....

Gino Soccio is one of my favorite disco artists who also happens to be a Canadian like me. This is my tribute mix to him. Gino, where ever you are please come out of retirement and do another album!

I included all the early albums from 1977 to 1985 and his work with Kebekelektrik and Witch Queen. I did not include his single Magic which was released on the ZYX label in 1987. I did two remixes of his songs and made them more DJ friendly and these are only exclusive here at djdavep blogspot.

Mixed and recorded on the fly. 100 % All original vinyl.


DBX Enhanced Digital 44.1 khz, 320 kbps, 168 mb, 1:13:25

01.Love Is
02.You Move Me
03.Try It Out (12" Version)
04.It's Alright (12" Version)
05.Hold Tight (Dave Pineda Remix)
06.Dancer (12" Version)
07.Heartbreaker (12" Version)
08.Kebekelektrik - Mirage (Tom Moulton Mix)
09.Dream On
10.There's A Woman
11.Remember (Remix)
12.Turn It Around (Dave Pineda Remix)
13.Kebekelektrik - War Dance (Tom Moulton Mix)
14.Kebekelektrik - Magic Fly (Tom Moulton Mix)
15.Rhythm Of The World (Disconet Remix)
16.The Visitors (Remix)
17.Witch Queen - Witch Queen
18.Witch Queen - Bang A Gong
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